Royal Release

The Street Made Me A Savage 3


In the finale of The Streets Made Me A Savage, X hasn’t found the time to grieve Tony’s death due to the arising issues in The Savage Clique. Her growing affection for Juvy is causing Rondon to act out, which could pose a threat for her leaving the streets unscathed. A past love interest is playing heavily on her mind as she’s thrown into a triangle love affair; add that in with high levels of estrogen and testosterone on top of wanting love can quickly equal a deadly battle for the young woman. With the determination of killing her first lover’s father, how far will The Savage Clique go to make sure they aren’t dead or placed in prison for life? Out of the three men fighting for her love, who will win X’s heart?
Juvy is thrown into a heap of trouble only to realize that he has been played all of his life. His budding love for X poses a threat to his very existence on earth, yet he doesn’t want to give up on being her one and only. Going above and beyond to ensure that The Savage Clique and himself survive the hail storm, Juvy must make amends with two people that he shied away from.
At the end of the storm, will Juvy be able to handle the damage he’s created, on top of what was brought to him? More importantly, will he finally have X’s love? What will become of The Savage Clique?