Royal Release

The One That Got Away 2: A Miami Love Affair


The C.U.B crew is back but things have changed! Gone are the days where brotherhood and loyalty are the foundation of where it all began. Keyz and Chico are now at war and this time more than their street credibility is on the line.

Iyana and Myriah are in a new place trying to mend their fences as they charter into new territory. Little do they know that not only are they involved with the same man, but are up against a dark family secret that could change the course of their lives. Will sisterhood ban them together or will family secrets and lies pull them even further apart.

Then there is Sky, a DEA agent working undercover and rolling under the covers with her love interest, Shyne. Shyne, the older brother of Rickey, no longer has love on his mind, but revenge once Sky’s cover is blown. Will Shyne see beyond Sky’s betrayal or will he love go against his own beliefs and take a chance on love?

Let’s not forget Rickey, the beautiful, sassy and loyal best friend who is there for everyone else but feels abandoned by the one he wants there for him. Will Rickey’s secret lover choose him back or will he let Rickey be the one who gets away?

If you thought you knew who were lovers, friends or enemies, then jump on this rollercoaster ride where lives are at stake and love may get you killed.