Royal Release

The One That Got Away: A Miami Love Affair


Have you ever wanted someone you thought you couldn’t have solely because of the color of your skin? Then if it wasn’t because of that, you just didn’t believe you could fit into his world, not knowing he felt he couldn’t fit into yours either?

Meet Iyana and Kaizer Paul, aka Keyz, whose chance meeting leads to a chaotic, yet romantic chase that began during their childhood filled with family secrets and lies. One being her older sister, Myriah, who hates Iyana more than she loves herself.

To make mattes worse, Iyana is stuck in a dead end relationship with her prejudice college sweetheart, Elijah, while Keys, one the leaders of the Come Up Boys crew, is ready to turn in his Kingpin status proving that their desire for each other can conquer all. That would be easy if someone in his crew also didn’t threaten his happiness.

Find out what happens when family ties and secrets threatens what Keyz sacrificed to build but also run the risk of him losing the one who got away.