Royal Release

When A Real Man Loves You


Selena Mathis fell head over heels for Theo Carter. She went into the relationship well aware of his first family. His vow to love and cherish her regardless of his situation showed her how it feels when a real man loves a real woman. When Theo unexpectedly dies in a suspicious house fire, Selena shuts herself off from loving again and focuses only on raising her two daughters.
Zell, Selena’s oldest daughter, can be a handful. She reminds Selena of herself at the age of eighteen. Zell is hell bent on learning things the hard way. As much as Selena tries to shield her from loving the wrong man, Zell has her own idea of what a real man does for a real woman. Although her mom and sister have always thought she was the strong one, circumstances involving her current boyfriend send her into a position of needing someone to build her back up again.
Boz is the youngest of Selena and Theo’s girls. She’s the complete opposite of her sister. She doesn’t have time to think about boys or anything other than making the best grades and getting into a good college. Boz being the softer of the sisters is use to Zell stepping in to fight her battles against those who choose to treat her with anything other than respect. Boz’s plan to stay focused on what’s most important to her begins to unravel when she meets her first love.
When a Real Man Loves You tells the story of a single mom raising her girls without the positive influence of a male to teach them what to expect from the men they choose to date. Selena, Zell & Boz are prepared to let you take a look inside their personal lives and give them the advice they need to find the love they desire.