Royal Release

When It Snows In Miami For Christmas


It’s never snowed in Miami, until a personal storm brews in the lives of The Crew during the holidays.

Skebo, a man after God’s own heart, gets up every day to live his best life with his wife, Sunshine, by his side. They are proud parents and legal business owners. Skebo hasn’t lived a life of crime for years, until approached to do something that can destroy everything they’ve worked for.

Sunshine is the epitome of a modern day career woman who wants more out of life than things acquired from the streets and having kids. She loves her husband, but being who he wants is taking away from who she wants and needs to be. While Skebo struggles with feeling secure about his role as a man and husband, a blast from the past threatens their firm foundation.

Chello, the last one still in the game, has a plan to make a safe and successful exit out of the game. He has a beautiful and amazing wife, Mulan, a daughter, and enough money to last beyond two lifetimes. If asked, he will tell you that he has it all, until an unclaimed package sent his way lures him in.

When the forecast of life isn’t clear, sometimes it’s better to weather the storm together than to get out there alone, hiding secrets.

Find out what happens when Christmas is looking bleak and merry is no where close to knocking on their door.