Royal Release

When Love Is Stronger Than Pride: Tarai & Jahan


Tarai Hart is a triplet, and she always took pride in being the carefree, confident, eccentric, and bold one. No one was surprised when she ventured to Atlanta to get her butt done, and no one was too shocked when she became a stripper. Tarai’s signature looks included weave hanging down to her behind and long, coffin shaped nails. Two things Tarai didn’t have time for were children and love. In fact, all a man could do for her was grease her palms with cash or buy her lavish gifts. Tarai was happy and set in her ways until a night of what was supposed to just be dancing for an NBA star turned into rape.

In the blink of an eye, Tarai becomes a totally different person. Her moods change with the wind, and she begins to drink more than she should in an effort to numb her pain. Tarai isn’t happy, but she continues to dance, drink, and use men hoping that one day she will wake up and that will be the day that she no longer hates herself. Tarai has no idea that a chance meeting with a rude stranger will change her life forever. After going to the ER and receiving some devastating news, Tarai finds herself fighting for her life. A person that once wanted to die, begins to find every reason to live. 

Jahan Haqq isn’t like most men his age. He doesn’t live to party or flex in the clubs, and he doesn’t need a different woman in his bed every night to feed his ego. Jahan has never sold dope, rarely breaks the law, and he’s self-made. Watching his mother drink herself to death is the number one reason that Jahan wants no part of a woman that drinks heavily. That and the fact that he doesn’t think a sloppy drunk woman is attractive. When Jahan first sees Tarai, he’s intrigued, until he realizes how wasted she is, and at that point, her pretty face means nothing to him. For as much as he tries to fight it, Jahan finds himself drawn to the woman like a moth to a flame, although it’s evident that she’s the complete opposite of what he’s used to. The more he gets to know her, the more he feels like she would be all wrong for him, but is love stronger than pride?