Royal Release

When She Loves A Hitta


What happens when two best friends who start at the bottom make it two
the top only to become enemies, fighting not only for respect but for the love, too?
Ezekiel “Banga” Ease is loved by all in his community from the corner boy to
the mayor’s office. By day, he’s not only giving back by creating jobs, he’s also
snatching bodies for debts not paid or for simply for disrespect of the game.
Cecil “Caesar” Evans, his best friend, seemed to have forgotten what loyalty
is, but it goes beyond money. Now it’s about family and Ezekiel wants his family, all
of it.

To make wrongs right, Banga decides to take back what is theirs. Banga, now
a seasoned OG and well-respected citizen, sends in his protégé Racer to get the job

Nazir “Racer” Payne not only idolized Banga but he owes him his life, saving
him from an early grave or a lifetime doing penitentiary numbers for hitting licks.
When tasked to kidnapped Cecily AKA CeeCee, Caesar’s daughter, Racer goes in
cold-hearted and focused until CeeCee’s sassy ways take him by surprise. Not only
is CeeCee bold, but she’s eagerly tests Racer in more ways than one.

Tejon “Block” Thomas is the manic one in “the family” but a lover, too. While
he kills without a second thought, it’s his love for Nazarene that may be the death of
him. Nazarene AKA Nazzie is Racer’s baby sister who enjoys playing for keeps
except this time she’s not playing and it’s Block that she wants. As both wrestle to do
the right thing or not, Block potentially makes a fatal mistake not only exposing “the
family” but possibly losing his best friend.

Over the years, they have many highs and lows but always seem to come out
on top. What Banga and Cecil started, Racer and Block have a chance to win and
come out of the game unscathed and in love.
Find out who is the last man standing in this crazy, tumultuous saga of a hitta falling
in love.