Royal Release

Wifed Up By The Plug 2


What do you do when the man you’ve fallen head over heels for turns out to be someone you never expected?

From the moment Amina laid eyes on Benz, she knew he was what she had been missing. Yet, she never thought that her life with Benz would be in a complete whirlwind so soon. 
Benz and Amina’s love and loyalty for one another will be tested in ways they never imagined. Things take a turn for the new couple, to the point where they question if it’s even worth the fight. Everything they are trying to build together is starting to seem so far out of their reach. With a vast family secret threatening to come out, will Benz be able to handle the heat? Or will it be too much to bear?

Benz, having to make life or death decisions, is forced to go against the one man he never thought he would see again. 
In this installment, Amina is put to the test to see if being wifed up by the plug is something she can withstand. Can she stay ten toes down? Or will she fold under pressure? They will both find out the hard way, if love can really conquer anything.

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