Author Spotlight


Born and raised in the city of Detroit, April Nicole has always had a passion for writing. Inspired by her favorite authoress, Zane, she always knew she had a hidden talent and began creating her own stories by the age of 13.

In the year of 2012, during her senior year in high-school, April would often share her stories with others among her peers for constructive criticism. This ultimately built her confidence in pursuing a career in African American Literature.

Her debut story “Addicted to a Detroit Savage” gained popularity around her home city earning a #27 in Amazon best selling novels in African American literature.

Today, April is writing her novels full-time to ensure you the best entertainment. Her dream is to open a bookstore of her own and to become a New York best selling author. 

Readers' Choice

In Love with the Plug 3

Being in love with the plug isn’t always easy, especially when that love is forbidden.

Best friends, Purple and Breelynn, know that all too well. After secretly being in a relationship for the past two years with Em-kay, Purple’s brother, Breelynn has grown tired of only being able to claim him behind closed doors. She is ready to live their relationship out loud, mainly because she’s now carrying his seed. However, Em-kay isn’t ready to reveal their secret, and for good reason: he’s the reason their relationship is forbidden. Will Breelynn get her way, or will she remain Em-kay’s little secret?

Secrets are only secrets if no one finds out about them. In part one of this hood love tale, you’ll find out just how hard it is to love the plug.