Royal Release

A Carolina Thug Showed Her Love

At twenty-five years old, Rainbow (Bow) Fuller was living her best life. Going to nursing school, swiping unlimited black cards, rocking the latest fashions and cruising in the finest rides, Rainbow’s life finally matched her name; bright and full of life. Being dealt a bad hand at an early age, she was ready for what life had to offer to a once nobody like herself. Being born to crack addicted parents in one of the dirtiest hoods in Spartanburg, South Carolina, Rainbow was doomed from the start until she met the suave playboy and bar owner by the name of Kassious Brown. From the time she meets Kassious, he introduces her to the good life. But little did she know, the good life came with a price. Upgraded from the hood to the hills, one would think Rainbow had it made. The saying ‘everything that glitters isn’t gold’ rang true once she began to discover exactly who her knight in shining armor really was. 

Knox St. James could run with the best of them, but doing a ten-year bid in prison he vowed to follow the law, get a legit job and build a relationship with his teenage daughter. While it all sounded like a good plan, we all know that just because we plan to do right doesn’t mean it always goes that way. A chance encounter with the beautiful Rainbow Fuller detours his plans like never before. While trying to stay from behind bars and follow the law, something about Rainbow continues to draw him in, even though he knows dealing with her could cause him his freedom and a bunch of problems with her man, Kassious. While Knox knows in his mind the safe and smart thing to do is to leave Rainbow Fuller alone, it was something about her that continued to pull him in.

As the saying goes, ‘the heart wants what the heart wants’ and come hell or high water, Rainbow was willing to risk it all for the Carolina Thug That Showed Her Love.

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