Royal Release

A Detroit Love Story: Taming A Boss Chick

Cassandra Jefferson is a Bad Girl and Boss Chick. She makes moves in the boardroom that most men wish they could and owns a tech startup; as a result, she works hard and plays harder. How does she keep it all together? Well, she has rules.
– Work First, Play Later
– Money over Men, Everyday
– Never Mix Business with Pleasure
A stickler for her self-made rules, little does Cassandra know, that her entire world is about to be shaken up and rulebook burned to ash when she meets Grayson Ford while on an impromptu business trip.
Grayson is like no other man she has ever dealt with, a force to be reckoned with in his own right, with an undeniable charisma that has Cassandra questioning who she is and what she really wants.

Will Cassandra’s stubbornness dash any hopes of a future they have together?

Does Grayson have what it takes to go through with truly Taming a Boss Chick?