Royal Release

A Dirty Fairytale 2


Karma has made its way to Detroit, and not everyone will make it out of this love triangle alive! Part 2 picks up with Holliday trying to piece her life back together after Rush commits suicide. It’s damn near impossible for her to rebuild her life after the news stations get ahold to their story, and she can barely show her face around the city. With a combination of strength and a feeling of betrayal, Holliday holds her head up and dives into her new life, which brings her face to face with a man named Ira who’s all too familiar with love triangles. His sister Ari was in the same shoes as Holliday, and he helped breathe life back into her, so when he meets Holliday, all those memories came crashing back, and he tries his best to help Holliday out of her dark hole. But when he brings her and his sister who was the side chick in her situation, face to face, will they be able to help each other heal, or will this be the nail in Holliday’s coffin?

Diem and Vann are trying to salvage what’s left of their marriage, but every time he closes his eyes, he sees his wife sexing another man. This all becomes too much for Vann, and he slides into his past which makes his present that much more tangled. See what happens when this couple learns the hard way that two wrongs don’t make a right, and if you’re not careful, revisiting someone who has wronged you in the past can totally diminish everything you’ve worked for… just ask Vann.

Meanwhile, Toya hasn’t learned anything from sleeping with a married man. If anything, his death has fueled her to do more dirt, but she’s going to learn that the same dirt she throws on others might be the dirt that she’s buried under… for good.