Royal Release

A Gangsta & His Shawty 2: Heirs To The Baptiste Throne

Jules has always been Reign’s protector, so naturally, when she was in danger, he was the first person that she called. Reign soon comes to regret calling her father to the rescue because he involved every man in his crew and J2. They’re out for blood, and there is nothing that Reign can do to stop them. After the terrible ordeal, she tries to get back to a normal life, but it seems as though that’s the one thing she can’t do. To add to her frustration, she runs into Yasim, a guy that she cut off because he started hustling, and Jules forbade her to date dope boys. Reign begins to feel like her father will never accept any man that she dates, and that puts a strain on their relationship. When Reign tries to show some independence and stand her ground, Jules cuts her off. Reign is torn between being happy in love or making the man that no one could ever replace happy.

J2 is caught up in a pretty rocky love triangle that becomes even more complicated when one of the women he’s torn between gets pregnant. J2 isn’t out to hurt anyone, and the pressure begins to get to him because he cares about Jazlyn too much to ever make her a side chick. On top of that, unknown enemies are still coming for his head, and it soon becomes a war that J2 will need heavy artillery to fight, that artillery being his father. Jules is ready to get it cracking like he used to, and Jacques has no problem riding shotgun.

Kymani is coming to grips with the end of her marriage. Scared to get back out there, she vows to be single for a while and to get to know herself again, but that promise may be broken when a sexy stranger comes along and consistently makes her smile. Kymani doesn’t want to fall too soon after spending so many years married to a man that ended up breaking her heart, but she also feels that she deserves a happily ever after. Could this person be that for her? Find out in this drama filled finale.