Royal Release

A Gangsta & His Shawty: Heirs To The Baptiste Throne

The Baptiste crew is back with more drama than ever. Jules Jr., better known as J2, is exceptionally smart. He graduated from high school a year early and was accepted into college. No matter how gifted J2 is academically, Baptiste blood runs through his veins, and despite his father’s disapproval, he decides that he wants to complete his father’s street legacy. No one can juggle running a drug empire and being a college student better than J2. His father always told him that when it comes to hustling, the bad outweighs the good, and J2 begins to see that. When he’s not dealing with incompetent, thieving workers, he has to deal with hustlers from out of town trying to infiltrate his blocks. Before he can spring into action, Jules comes to the rescue, making J2 feel some type of way. How can he prove that he’s just as good a boss as his father if his father won’t let him handle his own business? On top of that, J2 finds himself growing a little too fond of his homegirl Jazlyn, because his heart belongs to Natori.
Jules always forbade Reign from dealing with hustlers, and she always listened. Her father still isn’t pleased when she starts dating a rapper by the name of Tre da Don. Jules doesn’t trust him as far as he can throw him, but Reign is smitten with the charming man, and soon she’s all in. It doesn’t take Reign long to realize that her father may have been right about Tre, and for betraying Reign, he may have to pay with his life.
Kymani is unsure about her marriage. She hasn’t caught Jacques cheating in ages, but she still has this unsettling feeling. The feeling is nagging her to the point that Kymani takes drastic measures to find out the truth. They say be careful when you go looking for stuff because you just may find it, and she has to learn that the hard way. Kymani and Jacques’s relationship will never be the same, but in the end, will the changes be for the better?
Lyric and Jules are still married, and their love is stronger than ever, but Lyric is fighting a demon that no one knows about but her. She understands that she’s playing a dangerous game; however, no matter how much she tries to pretend, Lyric no longer has control over her life. This demon is holding her hostage, and she’s not even sure that she wants to fight it. When Jules is made aware of the secret, all hell breaks loose, and Lyric is forced to face her problems. The only thing is, she doesn’t want to fix her issues. Lyric thinks she’s fine, and that puts a strain on her marriage. Jules will never give her up without a fight, but Lyric may need help that even he can’t give her.