Royal Release

A Hood Love Gave Me Life

by Nai

There’s a thin line between love and loyalty.

Aaliyah Renee Jones aka Baby girl is the definition of a ride or die. Being the only child of street legend Iman Jones, she learned early to keep her circle tight. She’s had the same best friend for years and doesn’t allow new people into her life easily. When she runs into Eli King after the passing of her grandmother, his charm, and ties to the family cause her to trust him and make him a permanent fixture in her life. But when the unthinkable happens, how will she be able to see past it and move forward?

Eli Meko King is a self-proclaimed son of the streets. His ability to adapt to any situation sets him apart from other guys his age. Always willing to go after what he wants; he sets his eyes on Baby girl. He’s drawn to her feisty attitude and no-nonsense demeanor. He decided he wanted her and wouldn’t allow anyone to stand in his way. After gaining Aaliyah’s trust, he was looking forward to his happily ever after with his Queen but was instead blindsided by a fatal attraction. Can he resist temptation?

Erica Black loves her best friend like a sister. Their bond has given her the strength she needed through many trials in her life. But does her love include loyalty? When she finds herself instantly attracted to forbidden fruit, she wonders, what’s love got to do it?

After one tragedy too many, she decides she’s done allowing the love for her friend to stop her from pursuing the man she desires. But is she willing to pay the cost to get what she wants?