Royal Release

A Hood Princess: An Eastside Love Story

Some hoods are violent, and will play you out of your shoes, while others are just underprivileged suburbs, and everybody on the block is one big family… 

Daughter of the Eastside Warriors’ honcho, eighteen-year-old Lyric has a dream of making it out of the hood and away from her father’s dynasty by performing her way into the limelight as a rapper. And, with the help of her producer boyfriend by the name of Beatz, she’s well on her way to fulfilling her dreams with love guiding their steps. 

However, some dreams aren’t meant to be fulfilled, and not all love lasts. Lyric learns firsthand when tragedy strikes, forcing her to put her dreams on hold while falling into the arms of her father’s right-hand man, Osiris. 

While torn between two worlds, Lyric finds herself in a love affair with her first love and the man who signed his name in blood to protect her.