Royal Release

A Hustler's Fantasy 3: An Urban Romance

With the snitch gone and FEDs off his back, Langston is finally able to focus on becoming a family man and giving Yaniyzah and Imani the life they deserve. There’s just one last thing he has to do before he can completely wash his hands of the drug game: turn the connect over to one of his boys. That one key move is the beginning of Langston closing the chapter on his past, but focusing on his future is a lot easier said than done, especially when Brooke reappears and drops a hint that his boys might be headed for certain disaster.
Although Langston’s relationship with his mother, Pam, is slowly growing, he knows that he has to put his pride to the side and rebuild his extended family, especially with him and Yaniyzah bringing a new baby into the mix. Langston is all for bonding with his siblings, but he is still on the fence about repairing things with his absentee father, Quinton Sr. Trust and forgiveness are Langston’s main focus, but when it comes to matters of the heart, it will take more than his boys to make him forgive Toot for a very personal betrayal, and Pam might have just the thing to give Langston a new perspective on moving forward.
Yaniyzah is getting ready to deliver her and Langston’s first baby, but with Montrez giving her hell about Imani every chance he gets, it’s a daily struggle to keep the stress from sending her into an early labor. When Niy proposes a reasonable compromise to keep the peace with Montrez, Langston’s temper pushes Yaniyzah head-first into a war over Imani with Montrez. While things seem to be headed for sure destruction in one aspect of her life, things are looking up for the renewed relationship she’s building with her father, Don. Her father and Langston have even managed to iron out their differences and are on the same page, but just as Yaniyzah is slipping back into her daddy’s girl groove, Don hits her with the last thing she expected, leaving her unborn’s fate delicately hanging in the balance.
While their lives finally seem to be coming together for the better, Langston and Yaniyzah’s friends are a different story. Yaniyzah tries to remain neutral and keep her distance from Shanie to stay out of things, but one small lie quickly snowballs into a full-blown fight for Ro’s affection, which lands Langston and Yaniyzah in the middle of the same drama they were trying to avoid. When it all hits the fan, friendships and loyalties are called into question, shattering the very peace that Langston and Yaniyzah have fought so hard to keep. Join the crew for one last ride as just about everyone finds themselves questioning who they can trust in this mellow finale.