Royal Release

A Love Like Ours: Harmoni and Lynx’s Story

Harmoni finds herself tossed into a living hell as she is faced with becoming a single mother of a handicapped child after her husband KD abandons his family to chase perfection in the arms of the CEO’s very wealthy, very white daughter.
When KD divorces her and relinquishes his rights to their son, leaving her with meager means to survive Harmoni must do whatever she can to make ends meet, even if it means becoming a stripper.
When Harmoni pairs up with her cousin Tristanae, also a stripper, she finds herself in a world she isn’t familiar with. Soon she finds comfort in a variety of designer drugs and finds herself doing things she used to look at as taboo.
During her journey she meets Lynx, a prominent drug dealer. Although Lynx is only attracted to Harmoni in the physical, he soon finds himself falling in love with the sexy good girl gone bad and makes it his personal mission to save her and make her his own.
Lynx’s best friend/righthand man Sheisty has other plans in store for Harmoni though as well as Lynx. When those plans backfire and he finds himself on the losing end, all hell breaks lose.
Now faced with enemies he never knew he had and the risk of losing all he has built or intends to build, Lynx has to decide if his friendship is worth losing his life over.
When it comes down to the nitty gritty sometimes you have to do what you have to do and pray for the best.
In the end ghosts and secrets are laid to rest, love is made as well as lost and valuable lessons are learned in the game of life as it is known for Lynx, Harmoni, Tristanae and Sheisty.
Who will come out on top when the dust settles? Who will survive and live to tell of it? Who learns in the end that this life ain’t for everybody?