A Love To Remember: Quentez & Kya


When Quentez loses his sister Mahalia (a.k.a. Haley), he has a hard time coping alone. Not wanting to be around family or friends, he begins to think of the one connection his sister still has in this world, her best friend Kya. Though Quentez and Kya were never really friends, their acquaintanceship was due to their mutual relationship with Haley. Because of that small connection, he feels drawn to her, and the day he spends looking at pictures of his sister and her best friend gives him the urge to reach out to her.

Kya is just as sad about losing her best friend as Quentez is about losing his little sister. Yet, there is something more that lingers inside of her than just the pain of Haley’s death. Even though she chooses to be alone as she mourns, when Quentez reaches out to her she doesn’t turn him away, and from that day on the two begin hanging out on a regular basis.

At first, Haley is the excuse for them to be around each other, but then weeks go by and feelings begin to stir between them. While Quentez wants to be lovers, Kya only wants to be friends. Yet, she can’t deny the immense attraction between the two of them, and when the so-called acquaintances begin to take things in a direction they can’t go back from, you can’t help but to wonder if they will become lovers or take a step back and remain friends? 

Yet when it comes to love, nothing is ever perfect.

With only the hope of a love that is only just beginning, will it be enough to keep the two inseparable, or will an unforeseen event cause Kya to forget Haley, Quentez, and whatever feelings he can only hope she has for him?