Royal Release

A Malice Love

Kambridge Lewis is the definition of a smart girl; valedictorian of the best private school in the state, graduated Magna Cum Laude from college, and owns her own store at the age of twenty-two. Even after all of that, it seems like it’s not enough for Judge Kason Lewis, her father. The relationship between Kam and her father is the reason why she is confused on what love really is, since he beats her down mentally and physically…that is until she meets the foul mouth Malice Bailey.

Phoenix ‘Malice’ Bailey is the youngest of the two Bailey brothers, who wants to make his own living, his own way, instead of the way his dad wants him to…the drug game. Malice had to put himself through school using money that he gets from his special service, and his good friend, Catherine Jenson.

To them, Malice and Kam met by chance, but their fathers saw opportunity to ignite an old beef between the two. Using both of their kids in a dangerous feud can only lead to one thing for these two: love or death.

Kam and Malice being friends comes with a lot of secrets, including two big ones: Kam’s boyfriend, Connor Wiles, and Malice’s good friend, who wants to be more than a good friend.

In A Malice Love, you find out the lengths people go for love, respect, and money.