Royal Release

A Mayhem Love 3

Pregnant and on the run is something that Olena never had in the cards for herself. Carrying precious lives is hard enough on its own, and possibly having the family of her unborn child on the hunt for her makes matters worse. Olena’s worst fears of the Bailey Family hunting for her are confirmed when she gets word that Frank has placed a bounty on her head.
Never being alone before, Olena calls Noah, and he is very eager to lend her a helping hand, going above and beyond to keep her safe. The safe haven Olena finds with Noah is short lived when a health emergency leads her back to Chicago, where she finds herself facing a much bigger problem than the Bailey family.
In this final installment of A Mayhem Love, will Olena finally get her happily ever after, or will she spend the rest of her life mourning what could have been?