Royal Release

A Mayhem Love

Whoever said that the quiet ones are the most are deadliest had Mayhem Bailey in mind. According to everyone in the Windy City, Mayhem has an icebox in place of his heart and no lady has ever been able to penetrate it. That is, until he meets Xenobia Bell. Mayhem falls fast and hard for Xenobia, and in his eyes, their relationship is picture perfect. However, their relationship is ruined when Xenobia does the unthinkable, shattering Mayhem’s heart into a million pieces. That was eight years ago, and the heartache still feels fresh to Mayhem.
Olena Hill, the polar opposite of Mayhem, is the free spirit that mothers warn their sons about. She lives her life unapologetically with no concern for what anyone thinks of her. Olena is content with keeping a rotation of male lovers until she is cornered aggressively by Mayhem, who claims her as his woman. The once free Olena finds her bright spirit being diminished by the aggressive Mayhem who craves control and grows enraged when he doesn’t have it. As Olena learns to take the beast as he is, she discovers a new side of Mayhem. That side of Mayhem is keeping a secret from Olena; a secret that has to do with how he become broken in the first place.
Will Mayhem set aside his relationship paranoia to be the man that Olena wants, or will he take Olena down the same path of hurt that Xenobia took him down?