Royal Release

A Real One Turned Me Out 2

When Canary gives in and agrees to see what Houston has to offer, the last thing she expects is to run into Kalena, the ex that refuses to let go of Laxton. Feeling like what they have is real, Canary’s more than willing to go however many rounds necessary with Kalena to get her point across. Just when Canary thinks things have settled down, Laxton hits her with another curveball: baby talk. Still scarred from her prior miscarriage, the thought of parenthood scares Canary, but Laxton just might be the one to help her overcome her fear.

Canary is like a breath of fresh air to Laxton and his family, and the only thing that could make life better is Canary saying she’s ready to call Houston home. With his eye on the prize, Laxton is focused on the future and putting a few babies up in Canary, but his past won’t let him be great. No matter how much he pushes her away, Kalena is the ultimate headache for Laxton and refuses to let the next chick replace her. Kalena says nothing but death can keep her from Laxton, but the question is, whose life will be lost when it’s all said and done?

Kenji and Silk may seem like the most unlikely couple, but when she agrees to stick by his side after finding out just how he makes his money, he knows he’s got a real one for sure. Kenji’s heart tells her that Silk is the one, and when he introduces her to his family, he knows Kenji is all he’ll ever need. When they least expect it, a bomb that Makiyah drops threatens to shatter the love Kenji and Silk think they’re building together. Will he be able to love Kenji past her flaws, or will their perfect love story end before they can make it to the altar?

On top of that, Silk learns some shocking news that has him out for blood. Determined to destroy all that threatens his mission to uncover the truth, Silk just might sacrifice someone in his inner circle.

Makiyah is hit with the ultimate betrayal when she learns the truth about her sister, Maleeah, and Ali. Through it all, the one thing that’s kept her smiling is knowing her mother will be released from prison soon. Maleeah has other plans, though, and when she shows up to steal her sister’s thunder yet again, Makiyah is faced with a hard decision: stay true to her love for Ali, or make him and Maleeah pay for their betrayal. Which path will she choose?

Get ready to jump right back to the thick of things with Canary, Laxton, Kenji, Silk, Makiyah, and Keylon as they all fight to win the same thing: the heart of a real one.