Royal Release

A Real One Turned Me Out 3

After being whisked away from the club by Silk, Kenji is left to face the consequences of her actions. As if feeling Silk’s wrath isn’t enough, he throws a gut-wrenching punch, that leaves her wondering if she has lost him forever. Though, his love for Kenji is undeniable, Silk can’t let go of the hurt that her secret inflicted on him. He dives head first into his new assignment which proves to be his toughest job yet. Especially, when the job gets too personal. Will Kenji and Silk be able to work through their problem and repair their relationship? Or will Silk’s inability to let go, end them forever?

Learning the extent of Laxton’s injuries, leaves Canary heartbroken, yet stronger than ever. As Laxton’s fiancée, she vows to stick by his side no matter what. That proves to be harder than she expects when Laxton injuries leaves him with an addiction to pills. Guilt and an addiction places him in a state that causes him not to care about losing everything he worked so hard to achieve⸺not even Canary. Will Canary stay ten toes down, or will she leave Houston just as fast as she arrived? Can Laxton fight off his demons before Canary to an end to what started as a loving relationship.

With all that Makiyah has done, karma comes back to pay her an extended visit. After nearly being beaten to death by Ali, sweet revenge is the only thing that would make it even. In this explosive finale: relationships will be tested, more secrets will be revealed, and the girls will reunite once more. Finding a real one is what they all wanted but keeping a real one is easier said than done.