Royal Release

A Real One Turned Me Out 4: Reloaded

After finding out that he fathered Makiyah’s twins during a spring break fling, Heston decides to try and make his family work, but he soon realizes that leaving Robin was a big mistake, especially when he sees her out with another guy. Focused on righting his wrongs, he sets his mind on a single mission: winning Robin back before it’s too late. Unfortunately, Robin isn’t into giving second chances. Heston left her heartbroken, so the last thing she wants to do is take another chance on him. Will Heston succeed at reclaiming his one true love, or will Robin prove she plays the heartbreak game better than he ever could?

Canary and Laxton are now happily married and life is perfect in every area except one: quality time. With Canary trying to grow her business, Laxton is left yearning for her attention. Between working in the shop, writing books and tending to their twins, Canary is worn out. Laxton is doing his best to be the perfect husband, but Canary’s neglect is wearing him down more each day. He took vows to hold her down no matter what, but how much more can he take? Will Canary recognize the signs and give Laxton the attention he’s craving, or will he find someone who’s more than happy to keep him occupied?

With a six-month-old that keeps her on her toes, the last thing that Kenji wants to be is pregnant. Once she finds out she has another baby baking in her belly, she sets out to make sure Silk feels her wrath. The problem is, he has no idea why she’s mad. Kenji’s feistiness is one of the things Silk fell in love with, but he’s had enough and won’t hesitate to check her attitude when she goes too far. Will Kenji get her mind right before Silk has to bring his work home?

This wild crew is back with more drama and secrets than ever, reloaded for a ride you’ll never forget!