Royal Release

A Real One Turned Me Out

Canary finds herself heartbroken when Keylon, her boyfriend of four years, decides to abruptly call it quits. Broken, hurt, and homeless, her best friend, Kenji, comes to her rescue. Not willing to sit back and watch her friend hurt, Kenji offers to take her on a vacation to Cancun for Spring Break. A vacation could be just the thing she needs to get her head back in the game. Or, it could be the worst mistake she has ever made.

Kenji is stuck between a rock and a hard place. She’s been talking to Silk for a year, and he is still not ready to commit. Over the excuses, Kenji is ready to soak up some sun in Cancun. Cancun proves to be more than she had planned, especially when she runs into the rapper Houston. Could Houston be the guy for Kenji, or will Silk finally step up to the plate?

Silk loves Kenji more than she realizes, but his lifestyle prevents him from expressing it. Feeling the pull back from Kenji, he knows that he has to man up—and soon. The only problem with manning up is that he has to be completely honest with Kenji. But honesty comes with a secret that has been haunting him for years. Will Silk open his heart to get the woman he loves, or will he let his secret trump his happiness?

Laxton is a chill type of guy, so when his rowdy ex comes back around trying to regain her position, he quickly takes Houston up on his offer to travel to Cancun. When Laxton lays eyes on Canary, it is love at first sight, and he wastes no time letting her know that. The problem is, his ex is desperately trying to insert herself back into his life. Will Laxton act on his feelings for Canary, or will he go back to what feels warm and familiar?