Royal Release

A Savage Encounter: Honey & Jizzle

by Bria S.

Koi Mathis is infamously known as Honey in the streets. She had to grow up fast after becoming a mom at the tender age of fourteen. Her son’s father, Shawn, was the first to introduce her to the fast life. After Shawn received life in prison, Koi had finally had enough of the struggle life. The true hustler inside of her was born, and she began making a living for herself through the underworld. 

Despite her come-up, Koi constantly feels the pressure of womanhood and living three separate lives. She’s a mom first, part-time exotic dancer, and a high ranking undercover hit woman. Koi consistently applies pressure to each body that has the unfortunate fate of meeting their demise by the barrel of her favorite piece of steel.

For years after Shawn’s imprisonment, Koi felt as if she would be single for life. That is until one night she’s introduced to a big-time hustler named, Jizzle. Jizzle is tough as nails in the streets, but he knows how to court a lady correctly. He’s a gentle thug at heart, and his soft interior is a welcomed anomaly in Honey’s lifestyle. There is just something about Jizzle that makes it hard for Koi to resist all of the effort that he puts forward to win her over. 

All things seem to align well for Honey until she receives an ultimatum regarding a hit that would force her to make one of the hardest decisions in her life, but give her the biggest payout she has ever seen. She is torn between conducting business as usual, or taking a chance that can positively change the trajectory of her life forever. 

Can Jizzle crack Honey’s hard shell, or will she let a tranquil thug pass her by? Will she take the hit that could change her life forever, or choose to let life flourish instead? Honey is lethal in the streets, and a true savage by any means. Take a ride and encounter Honey’s world.