Royal Release

A Young Thug Showed Her Love 2: Vigor & Musiq

Musiq finds herself battling between true love and loyalty. When love prevails, and she
ends up in Vigor’s arms her already strained friendship with TK takes a turn for the worst.
Despite their sincere apologies, TK is determined to put an end to their love affair. Hiding her own skeletons in the closet, TK threatens to reveal Musiq’s secret. TK pretends to be squeaky clean, but her karma is waiting in the horizon for her to show up.

Chase is finally released from prison and Musiq couldn’t be happier for her friend. Chase
is on the path of reform and is looking for to the new life she’s building. The last thing on her mind is finding love, but love seemed to find her on its own. Along with a dirty secret from her past. It seems like one obstacle after another is thrown at Chase, and she’s getting fed up real quick with this new life.

Proof has always been about himself. Especially when it came to the ladies. They were
only good for one thing as far as he was concerned. That was until a beautiful, feisty, round the way girl walked through the gym doors. Proof meets his match, but will he be able to hold on to her.

With all the secrets and emotions coming to a head, will Musiq and Vigor be able to
survive it all? Will Chase revert back to her old ways, and give up on making a new life for
herself? Will Proof learn to look pass his selfish ways and fall in love. Find out in part two of A Young Thug Showed Her Love.