Royal Release

A Young Thug Showed Her Love 3: Vigor & Musiq

With Musiq and Vigor facing the most difficult time in their lives, the tension between them is at an all-time high. Vigor can’t seem to get past Musiq’s deceit and Musiq is falling apart. Mylo is fighting for his life and his parents are fighting to keep their heads above water with all of the secrets that will be revealed. What will become of Vigor and Musiq? Will little Mylo lose the fight of his life?

Just as Chase and Proof mend their relationship, tragedy strikes. Chase finds it hard to stop the old Chase from resurfacing. Chase’s mother has plenty more secrets to reveal to her about her past, if Chase would only give her a chance to make things right. Jackson is more determined than ever to have Chase, even if it’s by force. With all the drama brewing, will Chase be able to keep her promise to herself and remain on the right path? 

TK has been messy long enough. She’s wronged everyone who has ever cared anything about her. Now that she needs someone to turn to, it appears to be no one there. You reap what you sow and all of TK’s dirt is coming back on her. Will she be able to escape the wrath of Runner?

Find out in the finale of A Young Thug Showed Her Love Vigor & Musiq.