Royal Release

A Young Thug Showed Her Love: Vigor & Musiq

Musiq has always been the girl who wanted nothing more than to make her parents proud, but at seventeen years old she goes against everything her parents had instilled in her and drops out of high school and moves in with her drug dealer boyfriend. A year later, a naïve and heart-broken Musiq is craving the love that she’s been searching for since she moved out of her parents’ home. Her twenty-five-year-old boyfriend, Runner, is very popular with the ladies, and Musiq is getting tired of his cheating ways. With the help of her best friend, Musiq throws caution to the wind, and has a fun-filled night that leads to a passionate encounter. Afterwards, Musiq’s life seems to spiral out of control. Could it be her karma for being caught up in a forbidden night of love?

Takahia, also known as TK, is Musiq’s best friend. She’s been around since they were in the ninth grade. TK is eighteen years old and is in search of a sponsor. She’s witnessed how Musiq is spoiled by her boyfriend and she’s looking for someone to do the same for her. TK is a woman who’s after finance, not romance, and she’s willing to do whatever she has to, to get it. 

Vigor vowed not to become a corner boy. Being raised in the projects made it hard, but he stayed true to himself. At twenty-three years old, Vigor is a college graduate and owns a chain of gyms. He’s known around the city of Salisbury and is respected by everyone. Being focused on his business, he’s never really been in love, but that all changes after an explosive night that leaves him wanting more.