Royal Release

Abusing Her Heart

Twenty-four-year-old Lynette Jones has it all together. She’s the head RN at the hospital she works at, owns her own home, and has her own car. The only thing that seems to be missing is love… until Shawn steps in. Shawn is twenty-eight years old and has just transferred to the hospital Lynette works at as head oncologist. As soon as he touches down, he sets his sights on Lynette and will do anything to have and keep her. With a man this perfect in her sights, Lynette falls head over heels for him. The only problem is everything that glitters isn’t gold, and Shawn has a serious temper issue that threatens to tear Lynette apart. Will Lynette leave Shawn’s side after everything that he puts her through? Or will Shawn break down a once strong woman?