Royal Release

Addicted to a Detroit Savage 2

In the cold streets of Detroit, Kairo and Delano learns what it means to keep your Friends Close and your EnThings have just gotten really ruthless in the streets of Detroit…

After Cali’s gruesome murder, Kairo and Delano are now on the hush to cover it up. They receive an unexpected visit from someone who was presumed dead months ago, Johnny, and his return shocks them both as they find out he is not alone. Now Kairo and Delano must work diligently on keeping their secret while their relationship begins to unravel right in front of their eyes.

Once Kairo receives some shocking results, this puts the icing on her and Delano’s relationship. She meets a new guy named Michael, but he is no knight and shining armor either. He will do anything in his power to keep Kairo in his life. King of manipulation is Michael’s middle name and there is no shame in his game. She soon finds herself trapped in a love triangle with a fling that has a wild outcome. Now torn between the two, she must choose between Delano and Michael. Who will win Kairo’s heart? Michael or Delano?

Meanwhile, Delano’s life is left in shambles as someone comes forward with a shocking confession. Drama hits the fan when he finds out the truth about his roots and this causes him to change significantly. If you thought Delano was a savage before, wait until you see what he has become now. Will someone put an end to his reign? Or will he burn the entire city down along with the people in it?emies Closer.

Kairo is financially irresponsible, dripped in the finest designer’s money could buy. Until one morning, trouble comes knocking on her door. Her life changes drastically in one blink of the eye, leaving her in a whirl of chaos. She doesn’t know, the enemy is closer than she thinks. This could cost her everything she has, even her own life. 

Delano on the other hand is someone from Kairo’s past. He is madly in love with her, but the streets keep calling his name. He is faced with a very difficult decision between the Northern and Southern drug cartels. One false move, or wrong choice, could jeopardize everyone else in his life, especially Kairo’s. Just how far is Delano willing to go to protect the people he love? Will Delano be able to leave the street life alone?

Once betrayed, things take an unexpected turn and secrets are exposed. Now guns are drawn and pointed in every direction. Will Kairo find out who is against her? Or will it be too late? Someone will not make it out alive. Who will the trigger land on?