Royal Release

Addicted to My Thug 2

by Ari

When your addiction becomes real… there’s no escaping it.

Naomi never would have imagined falling for a dangerous, fine ass thug and breaking his heart in the process. She had managed to turn her entire life upside down in just a matter of three months. Now she is forced to face the reality of betraying her husband’s trust and neglecting her family for another man.

Loving a notorious street king gangster and contemplating on the possibility of their happily ever after together was a dream that Naomi knew she had to quickly forget all about. After deciding to mend her broken relationship with Tyree, she was confident that breaking things off with Marquise was for the best. That is until she is faced with the harsh reality of him discovering the truth about her life.

Marquise swore that he would never speak to Naomi again after how bad she’d hurt him. He simply couldn’t believe he’d allowed her to get one over on him and play him! But even as he tries his hardest to forget all about her, he is haunted by their sweet memories and fun times together. He decides that he has to have her by any means necessary and quickly sets a plan in motion to have Naomi all to himself. And he doesn’t care who stands in his way.

Naomi is torn again, between her first love and the thug that made her love like no other. She continues to sneak behind Tyree’s back, while a demanding Marquise makes a point of letting her know that he wants a future with her. Stuck in a complicated love triangle, she is having a hard time making the right decision. That is until she is hit with a shocking revelation that suddenly changes everything…