Royal Release

Addicted to My Thug 3

by Ari

Addictions aren’t supposed to be good for you… But Naomi has never felt anything better since falling into Marquise’s arms.

Now that she’s finally made a decision about the man she wants to spend the rest of her life with, a bomb shell has been dropped. Naomi has been deceived by a man she thought she knew and betrayed by a woman that has been like a sister to her. What do you do when you realize that the two people you thought you knew so well, are completely different all together?

Although Naomi has discovered Tyree and Erin’s “extracurricular activities” and finally revealed her relationship with Marquise to everyone, Tyree refuses to let go. He swears that he won’t stop until his marriage and his family are happily back together again. A devastated Naomi is angry, but is also plagued with guilt at the reality of her role in the situation as well. She is once again torn between keeping her family together for the sake of her kids or staying with her bad boy thug that has done anything and everything to make her happy.

Marquise isn’t one to mess with and Naomi knows that being so addicted to him can lead to some serious consequences if she does anything to hinder their growing relationship. But with the disapproval from important people in her life about their relationship, Naomi is unsure about whether staying with Marquise is really the right thing to do.

In the Finale to Addicted To My Thug, follow Naomi as she tries to stay true to herself and do what’s best for her family. Is Mr. Marquise Lewis really the thug for her?

Maybe some happy endings just aren’t really meant to be…