Royal Release

Adored By A Brooklyn Drug Lord 3

Reeling from the aftermath of her kidnapping, Kelsey is forced to confront the very demons that chased her out of New York City five years ago. The chip she’s carried on her shoulder has become uncontrollable, causing her to live in a constant state of trauma. If she wants to successfully run The Trust there is no room for weakness. Resilience becomes her preferred choice of drug as she slowly takes back her life, starting with her seat at the head of the table. As if her professional life wasn’t trying enough, Kelsey’s personal life takes a hit as she and Quill work to find a balance between her overnight success and his steady come up. However, an old flame reappearing places a strain on their relationship. Peace is on a mission to make Kelsey his, and he doesn’t care how many bodies have to drop for him to claim her. The attraction between the two has always been present. The question is, will Kelsey turn down temptation in the name of true love, or will she submit to Peace, who leaves a path of anything but in his wake?

While some may have no idea what the future holds, Quill is very aware of how his story will end. Every facet of his life leads him down the same road of uncertainty that is death. Quill’s days are numbered by Bull, who grows hungrier for his spot with each passing day. The cash flowing in is enough to keep Amos satiated, until it isn’t. But most importantly, Quill knows his relationship with Kelsey will act as a catalyst if he doesn’t learn to keep his emotions in check. Though his love for her is pure, Quill struggles with emerging from Kelsey’s shadow in order to give her the life she deserves. Kelsey’s rise to power was a staircase, whereas Quill’s is a steady climb, the jagged edges of betrayal threatening to destroy everything he’s amassed so far. However, all it takes is one secret bubbling to the surface to change the tide of their relationship. Quill stands to lose the very reason he’s still breathing, and if that isn’t bad enough, everything she’s created crumbles with his demise.

The series finale of Adored by a Brooklyn Drug Lord is a story of lies, secrets, and redemption. As Kelsey delves deeper into the underworld comprising of The Trust, she’s forced to learn hard lessons when it comes to matters of the heart. Quill discovers what it means to make the ultimate sacrifice. In the mix is Briana, who will either drive the couple together or tear them apart.