Royal Release

Adored By A Brooklyn Drug Lord

Five years after the Sweet Sixteen Massacre killing twenty people and forever warping her view on the game, Kelsey Mackenzie stitches up her emotional traumas with unraveling thread, hiding behind half smiles holding more pain than she could imagine. Refusing to be associated with the Mackenzie name and prestige it holds in New York City, Kelsey retreats to Washington, DC where she creates a new life for herself. She finds love in a man nothing like her first love Quill, meets a best friend who isn’t aware of her past pain like her cousin Briana, and navigates DC better than she ever did Brooklyn; however, that doesn’t change the emptiness Kelsey feels. Her new home isn’t quite like her old home, and her old home feels like a cemetery for the past life she lived before the day her innocence was stolen. Arriving home for her 21st birthday, Kelsey expects a quiet celebration with her family, and while the festivities start off slow, she finds that her wish for an unforgettable year is granted when a chance encounter has her facing a familiar face from her past.

William “Quill” Evans has always had the heart of a hustler, with his dreams being to be one of the biggest drug dealers to ever touch New York City. After a knee injury ruins his basketball career, Quill wets his feet at the possibility of leaving the legitimate hustles behind and going back to the get money spirit that flows through his veins. The key to him having it all comes with a lock known as Drea Winthrop, the spoiled daughter of revered North Carolina drug lord Amos Winthrop. As the “father” of Drea’s unborn child, Quill is granted access to the world of fast money he left behind, and when Amos makes the decision to expand his empire to Brooklyn, Quill hops on the opportunity to return home where not only his heart is, but his first true love: Kelsey Mackenzie. Past hurt keeps Quill from connecting with Kelsey. That, and the original drug lord of New York City: her father, Urban Mackenzie. Quill knows that he has to come hard if he wants to win the heart of Kelsey, and is willing to risk everything to heal her broken heart. First, he has an empire to build.

The epic follow up of Adored by a New York Drug Lord chronicles a young hustler’s rise to the top and the hurdles he’ll have to face, with the biggest one being fighting the woman he loves for the throne that is her birthright.