Royal Release

Adored By A New York Drug Lord 2

Peace no longer resides in Normani’s existence, and as she stares down the barrel of Preaux’s gun, she has to wonder if her destiny isn’t to be happy, but to pay for her wrongdoings with her life. When her meeting with fate is cancelled, Normani is forced to reevaluate the damage she has done to not only her family, but her grandparents as well. Revelations and family secrets have overrun the Pope family, destroying their already faulty bonds. Their loyalty has been tainted, and it is up to Normani to repair their trust, however such a feat seems impossible. Her grandparents’ marriage is holding on by a vow, Nicole struggles with learning how to love and let go, and Normani has her own issues to deal with regarding her budding relationship with Urban. What was the promise of one night has blossomed into a full blown affair, one that Normani navigates with optimism until the reality of their situation sets in. Urban has a family, a longtime fiancée and daughter to consider. These obstacles force Normani to guard her heart, and when a certain someone enters the picture with the promises of no drama, she has to decide if her feelings for Urban are strong enough, or will she end up being adored by someone else?

As Normani works to mend her family, Urban discovers that his once tight knit unit is falling apart at the seams. With the Veracruz Cartel still seeking answers to the slaying of Gabriel Garza, Urban knows it is only a matter of time before his family is targeted for the cartel’s version of retributive justice. The eye-for-an-eye they have their sights set on would be Kelsey, who is not only dealing with growing pains, but discovering the world she lives in isn’t black and white, but various shades of gray that come with the Mackenzie name. The arrangement he has with Shahily no longer holds the same appeal as it did before. Forced to maneuver around his present while spending time with his future, Urban feels as if he’s struck a balance when Normani reminds him their relationship can’t be at his convenience, that unlike Shahily, she has her entire life ahead of her. Time isn’t on his side, and he has to risk the comfort of his current life for the reward of true love. The problem is that Shahily isn’t letting go without a fight.

With Ángel Garza out of the picture, Trish can finally let go of the pain and hurt monopolizing her life. At the very close of their relationship, a new one filled with promise is created when she meets Winston O’Neal, a wealthy lawyer with only eyes for her. He’s everything she deserves after being terrorized by Ángel, and it feels good to be in a relationship with someone who has no ties to the game, except there’s one handsome problem: Koi Mackenzie. Trish can’t deny her feelings for 
Koi, but she feels more like a project than a potential girlfriend. Koi has saved her from herself more times than she can count, and it feels more like he’s trying to save himself from past hurt. But when Camila Garza approaches Trish with a warning to the deadly events to come, Trish may have to put her trust in a Mackenzie once again.