Royal Release

Adored By A New York Drug Lord 3

Two months have passed since Urban left Normani, not only dealing with a damaged body, but a broken heart as well. Promising to never fall foolishly in love with another man again, Normani starts over with the very charming Bull, who is able to give her everything she’s desired in a man without the mental instability that came with Ward or the broken promises a relationship with Urban guarantees. Normani is convinced that her failed relationships have paved the way for her to find better, when Urban reappears in her life after going ghost during her recovery. His words are as sweet as she remembers, and the apologies she swore she would reject feel fresh after months of healing. However, Urban still comes with the same baggage he did before, forcing Normani to decide if she’s willing to try again in the name of true love or accept the possibilities that come with Bull and the idea of a new love.

A snake lies in wait, stalking Urban’s legacy with the hopes of upending The Trust. The one person in the world who has always pledged his loyalty to the blood that binds him to the Mackenzie family has disavowed them of the opportunity to reign over the vast drug empire. While Urban knows the liabilities that come from jealousy, what he doesn’t expect is for Malone to turn on the same people who have stood beside him during his darkest hours. With the ability to foreshadow better than most, Urban evades the traps set by the FBI, although he doesn’t catch his brother’s deception until it’s too late. Malone had planned his coup perfectly, from the execution to aftermath. However, he fails to plan for the wild card that no one saw coming: Trish. With a target on her back, courtesy of the Veracruz Cartel, Trish is backed into a corner and forced to fight to live another day. With her sanity and livelihood on the line, she makes the perfect contender to go head-to-head against the cartel who wishes her death, making for an unforgettable battle for the throne.

The stakes are higher than ever in the final installment of Adored by a New York Drug Lord, as a familiar enemy stakes out The Trust and threatens to not only upend Urban’s legacy but take out as many bodies as possible. The question isn’t which hustler will Normani give her heart to or if Trish will have the happiness she deserves, but if Urban can save his kingdom before the clock runs out.