Royal Release

Adored By A New York Drug Lord

Growing up in a working-class home in Savannah, Georgia, Normani Pope has always dreamed of the day she would be able to live a life out of an Urban Fiction novel. An endless bankroll, access to the latest designer clothes, and the envy of every chick on the block are all part of her fantasies when she meets Ward, an up and coming dope boy. When Ward stakes a claim to the beautiful Normani, she accepts without hesitation, a decision she makes without considering the consequences that comes with dating a dope boy. The lifestyle Ward provides is as lavish as Normani expects, but she soon pays the price for being a thug’s solace when she’s the victim of a botched murder-suicide. Unable to return home, Normani is sent to live with her estranged aunt in Brooklyn. It is there that Normani lays eyes on a shiny red Lamborghini with no idea that its owner was going to change her life for better and worse.

Uriah “Urban” Mackenzie has always been held in a high esteem throughout the streets, and not because of his charismatic charm, deep chocolate eyes, and politician’s smile. Urban is the head of “The Trust,” a prestigious crime organization known for running guns, human trafficking, and funneling millions of dollars in cocaine throughout the East Coast. Urban leads The Trust with an iron fist, refusing to allow anyone to one up him lest they deal with his wrath. He has New York City in the palm of his hand, with everyone bending to his will, except a bold and brazen Normani. Love has never been on Urban’s radar—even with a longtime girlfriend on his arm—but Normani’s beautiful eyes and damaged smile pulls him in. Soon Urban finds that he’s willing to risk the life and legacy he’s built to see if the grass is truly greener on the other side.

In the midst of Urban and Normani’s budding relationship is Normani’s cousin Trish, who uses her bright smile and kind nature to hide the world of pain she experiences at the hand of her married boyfriend. The life of a side chick isn’t as glamorous as Trish initially thought, and when Ángel deals one blow too many, Trish has to decide if she’s strong enough to walk away or if past demons will allow her to stay. Growing up as the “weird” girl on the block because of her ability to see beyond the drug infested streets of Mott Haven Projects, Trish has always felt shunned by men and in turn refuses to see her inner beauty. But when Koi Mackenzie starts taking a notice in her, Trish starts thinking that maybe she has what it takes to get the man of her dream. However, Ángel isn’t going to let go that easily.