Royal Release

You Ain't Gotta Be Perfect 2: Currency and Ree's Love Story

Who knew so many secrets could come out in just one dinner? Adoree feels played after finding out that Syn’s significant other is not who she thought it was. Will Adoree be able to look past this misunderstanding and continue to be his friend, or will she drop their friendship altogether?

Back at Jerrod’s college, he is going through something very unnatural. He calls on the two people that he hates the most to handle his problem, and promises them both the one thing he knows they both want. Will Jerrod’s plan comes together perfectly, or will the plan fail, and he loses everything?

Currency is still trying to deal with Zaviana and her issues while trying to maintain his friendship with Adoree and keep his feelings at bay, but it becomes insanely hard for him. Zaviana goes to the extreme once she realizes that she is losing Currency. Will Zaviana’s plan work, or will it be the last straw for Currency?

In this final installment of You Ain’t Gotta Be Perfect, everybody seems to be plotting and planning, but who’s plan is going to get them what they want? Will any plan be executed properly?