Royal Release

You Ain't Gotta Be Perfect 3: Currency & Ree's Love Story

Five years later, Currency is more in love with Ree than ever. After five years, your body does things that you can’t control, and Ree is currently feeling the aftereffects of pushing out Syn’s son. Working around the type of women that Currency works around does not do anything to help Ree’s insecurities, so she goes out and does the one thing that Syn forbids. Will Syn forgive her, or will Ree’s defiance make Currency commit a divorceable crime?
Ree is having a great time raising KG until Zaviana decided that she wants to be a mother. Zaviana and an accomplice, close to the Lees, hatch a plan to get KG from her parents. That plan could leave them both either dead or in jail. Zaviana goes through great lengths to get her daughter back, but will it be enough?
Jerrod is living the dream, playing for the NBA, taking care of his two girlfriends and two beautiful children, but he still can’t seem to wrap his mind around his first love being with another man. Jerrod is willing to let everything go if given the opportunity to be with his first love again. But when the opportunity arises, will he take it, or will he realize that his soulmate has been right under his roof the whole time?