Ain’t No Love Like A Block Boyz Love


***Please Note This is a Re-release***

“I am who I am, and that’s who I’m gonna be!” was Miracle’s daily mantra. She tried so hard to go down the right path and do the right thing, but the allure of the hustle kept calling her name. A year away from graduating college, the sweet whispers of fast money put a halt to it all and shifted the legal plans she’d made with her longtime lover. Having to come clean about her secret life, Miracle’s charm and wittiness gain her access to the family business.

As an up and coming lieutenant in The Block, Jahi’s unable to balance out his mission and his hustle, so the OGs send in some help, and in walks Miracle. His savagely handsome swag entices her and has her wanting to explore the beautiful darkness of loving a Block boy and all that comes with it.

Being in close proximity to Jahi, Miracle’s heart starts to play tricks on her and she finds herself caught between being Queen Miracle or Dr. Miracle, and the two men in her life don’t make the decision any easier.

With the excitement of the streets pushing her closer and closer to the edge, does she take a dive, or will she decide that loving a Block boy is too much to handle?