Royal Release

Ain't Nothing Like A Real One 3: Faded Off An Inked God

“With the immortality of ink, true love can never fade.”
With his shop in ruins and his sanity hanging on by a single thread, Shacago Stanfield has the weight of the world on his shoulders with no hope of a better day in sight.

Once loved for her beauty and body art, Rosé finds herself hated for being the sister of an alleged murderer. Rosé’s attempts to distance herself from Elijah are futile due to his knowledge of a very important piece of information: the real reason she fled New York five years ago.

In the midst of Shacago and Rosé’s problems is Xavier, the only one of the trio that appears to be thriving. After killing Quan and taking his seat at the table, Xavier is high on cloud nine until he finds out that Shacago is at the head of it. Feeling constantly tossed aside by his employer and snubbed by his brother, Xavier begins to make moves on Shacago’s legacy, vowing not to stop until he's the god of the streets.

With secrets covered in lies, treachery disguised as loyalty, and emotional ties severed when physical bonds are created, will Shacago come out on top? Or will the inked god lose his crown?