Royal Release

Ain't Nothing Like a Real One: Faded Off An Ink God

“If pain is love then ink can create soul mates.”

An inked god raised by the streets and one of the most prominent hustlers in all of Brooklyn, everyone is shocked to learn that Shacago has decided to give up the game and pursue his dream of becoming one of the best tattoo artists New York City has to offer. Pouring his heart, soul, and every dollar he’s hustled for into Rosé’s Tattoo Shop, Shacago’s spot on cloud nine is snatched from under him when his ex-girlfriend, Rosé, reappears after disappearing seven years ago. Everything about her still looks the same—especially the body art he decorated her with—but there’s something different about her. Although he’s tempted to push her away, discovering the truth about the elusive Rosé makes Shacago give her a spot at his shop, even if it means opening a door he swore would stay closed.

A tatted beauty with a few dark secrets of her own, Rosé returns back to Brooklyn with the hopes of picking up where her and Shacago left off. Her plans crumble to pieces when she discovers that while Shacago has been successful in following his dreams, he’s sharing them with someone else—his girlfriend of two years, Zarielle. Not one to back down from a challenge, Rosé takes her position as apprentice to Shacago as her way to weasel back into his good graces and maybe even his heart. Rosé knows that the connection between the two of them is strong, however, one thing stands in the way—the reason she left Shacago when his back was against the wall. While everything in her heart tells her that revealing the truth will destroy any chances they have of getting back together, Rosé holds on to one fact: If it dies easy, then it was never true love.

In the midst of Shacago and Rosé’s love-of-war is Shacago’s little brother, Xavier. With dreams of becoming the next big name in Brooklyn, Xavier realizes that there’s one thing missing from his success: Shacago. More specifically, Shacago’s cache. Not afraid to lie, cheat, steal, or double cross, Xavier is determined to do whatever it takes to get Shacago to return to the game. Even if it means putting a knife if the one person that’s always had his back.