Royal Release

Alphas & Angels: The Royal Pack of Louisiana

The pack is back!!! 

Xiare had been adjusting to his life on Earth as the prince of his father’s pack. He knew that it was going to be very different from the one he ruled over in Hell, but he refused to let that stop him. Xiare got acquainted with the rules and laws of his pack, enforcing them on intruders or anyone else that posed a threat to them.

It wasn’t the Canis pack or the unknown demons that forced his visits to Hell against his mate Alijah’s demands. It was his daughter that warned him of the Earth’s destruction if she didn’t find her place there.

Ezra was on his way to gaining his wings by mating with his marker, Nevaeh Bricks. He granted all her family’s wishes by planning a traditional mating ceremony with the Elders present. Perfection was what he was aiming for, but it wasn’t what he was going to get, especially if Nevaeh was already promised to another that didn’t mind breaking the rules. 

The Blacks and Kings were the packs to fear. But all that was going to change with the birth of a Descendant.