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An Insane Love 2

After receiving a botched proposal from Romero, Taiwan sees an opening to leave her sugar daddy and seizes it, once she’s landed back in her home city. Her heart is telling her this is the best decision to make for her happiness, while her heart is also telling her this won’t be the last she sees of Romero. Any worries she has dissolve at the appearance of Frank, whose crazy demeanor brings about a strong surge of nostalgia. Taiwan’s main reason for leaving the comfort of her Italian paradise is to build a family of her own. Her only worry is that Romero may come after her to take her back to Italy. The question is will she return and accept the security that comes with being a kept woman, or chase what her heart desires?

Frank is on high alert when it comes to Alex. With the current stress of his relationship wearing him out, Frank is happy to see Taiwan, who hasn’t changed a bit since they last saw each other. He expects her sudden appearance to bring out the worst in Alex but is pleasantly surprised when she makes a proposition that Frank can’t refuse. Frank is open to the idea of having his cake and eating it too, so open that he can’t see the plan Alex has brewing for the unsuspecting pair. Kharisma has come up with a foolproof plan for the trio to secure the bag and walk away unscathed. The problem is will they be able to, knowing they will leave behind a trail of broken hearts?

Rubee and Bash’s relationship is on a steep decline, especially with all the time she’s been spending with Kade. Kade is loving the attention he’s receiving from Rubee, but he’s tired of sharing her with a man that doesn’t deserve her. In the end, Rubee is faced with an ultimatum: Bash or Kade. The choice shouldn’t be too hard to make—especially with Bash continuously moving funny—but the decision is enough to make Rubee pause. However, when Rubee starts investigating the father of her child, she makes a startling
discovery that flips the script and is enough to change the game. Will Rubee choose the level headed Kade or will she continue her tumultuous love affair with Bash that is guaranteed to have her go insane?

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