Royal Release

An Insane Love 3

Taiwan has finally gotten her freedom and her life back, or so she thinks. After learning more about Frank and his troubled life, she becomes more connected to him than ever. Romero is not one who likes to lose. Romero is not backing down and will do whatever he has to do to get Taiwan back, even if it means taking away the people that she’s closest to.

Frank’s childhood trauma is coming back to haunt him in more ways than one. The last straw is when his trauma causes him to almost hurt someone who he cares about deeply, prompting him to go underground to handle his business and get himself together. When he finally has a grip on his life, another dark secret is revealed, changing his life altogether.

Rubee finds herself devastated after the sudden disappearance of Bash. Kade, fed up with feeling like Rubee is confused about what she wants, makes the decision easy for her. Will Rubee get it together before she loses the best thing that has happened to her and Raylee?