Royal Release

In The Arms Of A Savage 2

by KL Hall


“This isn’t how I pictured my life, but falling in love with Law may have been the deadliest decision I ever made …”
Everybody knows that once a good girl goes bad, she's gone forever. Raquel has always been one to play by the rules, but after her first taste of hood love, she drops her old life without a second thought, including her friends and the ashes of her last failed relationship. When her ex-fiancé, Derrick, comes to Miami in search of answers, she’ll be forced to answer the who, what, when, and why of her new life. What will she do when he asks for a second chance now that she’s already given her heart away to Law? She knows the savage in Law cannot be tamed, and it will only be a matter of time before he’s out for blood. Can she play her new role and hold him down, or will she leave Miami and go back to her old life?
Just when Shiya thought she was going to become Mrs. Calloway, she experienced the most embarrassing moment of her life when he stood her up at the altar. Now all she’s left with is a million-dollar ring and a scorned heart. With rage as the underlying factor, she plans to settle her debt with the man who broke her heart and the woman she knows he left her for. When she opens Pandora’s Box, her devious plot could put more than just the Calloway family at risk.
This love story is dripping with lies, bloodshed, and secrets, some stretching back over twenty years. When lines are blurred, it becomes harder for everyone to see who their true enemies are. After all, love is a strong emotion, but then again, so is hate. In the end, you’ll see if Miami’s new favorite couple can weather the storm.