Royal Release

As Long as You Love Me: A Street Thug's Love Story

'It isn't easy loving a thug' is the conclusion Maliah Latimore has drawn. Growing up as the apple of her father's eye, David treated her like a true princess. For there wasn't anything that he wouldn't do for his baby girl, except be faithful to her mother, Peaches.

Unbeknownst to Maliah, David has lived a double life for years and everything comes out in the midst of tragedy. No longer trusting her father, she finds comfort in her first love whom David did his best to keep away. Maliah soon finds that her first love is no different than her dear old dad.

Yvette Brown a long time correctional officer for the prison system in Maryland, thinks she has met the love of her life, Jerry Diesel. Diesel was sentenced to twenty years for murder and has assembled a gang behind the prison walls. Yvette handles all of Diesel's business including smuggling illegal contraband into the jail and she's paid very well to do so. Diesel attempts to find comfort in Yvette's arms although he is holding onto the affection from a lover of his past.

Every man in this tale share a common excuse when they are caught up in compromising situations: “As Long as I take care of home,” but it is truly up to the women to decide if they want to deal with men of this street mentality.

Will Maliah reconcile with her father after getting a taste of a real relationship? Will Yvette look past Diesel's secret in exchange for a so-called happy ending? Find out how hard it is to love a street thug within the pages of As Long As You Love Me.