Royal Release

An Atlanta Love Story 2: Sex, Love & Cash

Strength is defined as the quality or state of being strong. When Monica Edwards’ life turns upside down, the only thing she has is her strength. With both of her parent’s being killed by a man she considered family, Monica isn’t sure if she can take life anymore. Eddie, the love of her life, tries to keep her encouraged, but he can only do so much. Will an unexpected twist of events break Monica down, or will she use her strength to keep on going?
The beautiful Olivia Gold is stuck in a dead-end relationship. After leaving her family to be with her prince charming, she finds out that the man of her dreams is really the man who causes her the most pain. When Casper, a wealthy financial advisor, enters her life, she jumps at the chance of being with him, but is she truly ready? Will she have the strength to leave everything she knows and take a chance on a handsome stranger?
The finale of an Atlanta Love Story is not your ordinary love story, so expect the unexpected.